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FROM 'I DO' to 'I DID'

At MK Your Dream Day, we pride ourselves on creating unforgettable Weddings for our clients. But don't just take our word for it, read what our past clients have to say about their experience working with us.

Ashley & Joe 10.8.22-301.jpg

"We couldn’t recommend MK Your Dream Day enough!!! Mary Kate was so essential to our wedding day running smoothly. We don’t know what we would have done without her! Her communication skills are top-notch, she is seamlessly organized, and we felt so secure with her help leading up to the wedding day. She went above and beyond to ensure things went according to plan and stepped in immediately to solve any issue that popped up. I witnessed her literally create a bridesmaid bouquet with some of the other decorative flowers (5 minutes before we were due to walk down the aisle!) because a bridesmaid had left hers behind. That kind of dedication and skill is unmatched. We felt that Mary Kate truly cared about us and she really helped us have the best day of our lives."

-Ashley and Joe,
October 2022

"Mary Kate was a lifesaver in my wedding planning process from day 1! We ended up having to postpone our wedding date and change our venue due to COVID and restrictions. She pivoted with every change we had to make and didn't miss a beat! From putting together my bathroom baskets, hotel gift bags, collecting my decor for venue drop-off and packing up my car at the end of the night, and everything in between! Everyone kept telling me - "something will go wrong/out of order on your wedding day, but it's ok." I have to say that not one thing went wrong, and everything was on time and went according to the day-of schedule Mary Kate helped me build out. I couldn't have had the most perfect wedding day without Mary Kate by my side!"

-Gina and Pat,
Labelle Winery, April 2021

Gina & Pat.jpg

"Being a wedding planner, I know firsthand how important it was to have someone on the day of to take care of everything and bring my vision to life. Mary Kate was so sweet and organized throughout the process! She was always checking in and making sure I was on track and not forgetting little things. She was very diligent with reviewing all of my decor and little details as well before the big day! Leading up to the wedding I had normal pre-wedding stress but Mary Kate calmed my nerves when needed and made me feel so comfortable and confident the last few days before our wedding. I am typically a ball of nerves and stress and I was the calmest and most relaxed I have ever felt the last 2 days before the wedding. I really think it was just knowing Mary Kate would be there and we had everything organized down to a T. Everything went off without a hitch- if you are looking for a dedicated, kind, organized, and personable planner look no further! Again I am a wedding planner and I can say without a doubt she was meant for this and you will not regret having her help on one of the most special days of your life!"

-Ashley and Luke,
Private Residence, May 2022

"Mary Kate was so helpful through the entire wedding process. Leading up to the wedding, she reached out to vendors and made sure everything was in order, she checked in frequently via text or zoom, and always made sure everything was going exactly how I wanted for my wedding day. On my wedding day, she prepared a timeline and made sure we were sticking to it and on schedule for every part of the day, she wrangled groomsmen and overall made the day run so smoothly. We even had an incident where the centerpieces never arrived and by the time I got into the reception room, we had centerpieces because MK took care of it! I would have been lost without her! I can not recommend her enough to other brides, your day will run so much smoother and you will feel calmer and more relaxed knowing she is there to take care of it all!"

-Gina and Peter,
Peabody Marriot, July 2021

Gina & Peter.jpg

" I can’t count how many emails, texts, and phone calls Mary Kate and I exchanged the weeks leading up to the wedding. She is the most accessible human and drops everything to make herself available to answer questions, brainstorm or talk you off any ledge (and honey you will find yourself on a ledge no matter what you want to tell yourself right now). Mary Kate definitely helped with big picture stuff by coming to meetings with my venue and talking through the timeline and flow of the day but it is really the help with small details where MK shines! She did everything from help me figure out the order of the procession in the church, hand delivered our marriage license, assembled the bathroom baskets for the reception, kept everyone on track for photos and even got the whole wedding party’s drink orders so that when we arrived at the venue we had beverages waiting. She quite literally delivered flowers from the ceremony to reception site to help out our florist and made about 150 ceremony programs 2 days before our wedding. And hey, at the end of the day, being able to have someone just to talk through things with is truly enough to keep you afloat during all the crazy days leading up to your wedding. From the bottom of my heart, I cannot recommend Mary Kate enough- I have no doubt she will make your dream day a reality. "

-Sarah and Ryan,
The Villa, June 2021

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